Saturday, December 20, 2008

First Trimester in Review....

*October 24th- did some continuing education (you know, continuing from that bachelors degree that i have) and went to an all day Childbirth Education Day and Doula Training at OSU-OKC...came home, having birth and babies on the brain, thought i would take a pregnancy test. It was POSITIVE (i truly had NO idea!). Called jake, told him to come home NOW!! Showed him the test!! cried, got crazy excited, prayed...and then went to a birthday dinner for my father-in-law... we could have burst at any point during dinner!!! I was (to the day) 4 weeks pregnant.

*October 26th- We could not wait any LONGER!!! Called my parents...told them the news!! then got iron on letters from michael's and made shirts. Mine said "baby" down at my belly, and jakes said "baby daddy"...wore them over to dinner at jake's parents...all parents were incredibly excited!! but we told them, not to tell anyone until i was 6 weeks along. No one liked that idea ;)

*October 24th~November 21st- lived day by day in fear that we would lose the baby like last time.

*November 2nd- none of us could wait any longer!! started "telling" people. I was 5weeks 2 days.

*November 7th- this is the day equivalent to when we miscarried our first baby. We slept in...stayed in our PJ's all day...rented the entire first season of the HBO series "big love"... did nothing all day!! made it through the day with baby still in tow :) I was 6 weeks.

*November 11th- first midwife appointment!! Very nervous that we would hear bad news, but excited to hear good news!! Gave 5 viles of blood, peed in a cup, meet our lovely midwife, fell in LOVE with her and had an ultrasound. Found a teeny tiny baby but no "for sure" heart beat :( no fun! Still not really having any symptoms and not feeling "pregnant" yet it all made me kinda sad....but still having faith in God's plan, we trekked on, baby and I :) I was 6 weeks 4 days.

*fast forward about 3 days after our first appointment....morning sickness....wait...ALL DAY sickness....

*thoughts on morning sickness....SUCKS...ohh and a LIE! right at about 7 weeks is when it hit and it went strong for 3 weeks straight... funny thing is...morning was the only time i felt ok. It would start at about 11am, continue the rest of the day, and be super super bad from about 5:30 on, until i woke up the next morning. for a good 2 weeks all I ate was Sprite, Saltines, Popsicles and Ramen Noodles, thank goodness for vitamins!

*November 21st- back to my midwife's office to confirm a heartbeat...we saw it "loud" and clear!! Jake said he could even see the different valves of the heart while beating! I cried, Ann(our midwife) gave me a big hug and told me to go enjoy thanksgiving knowing that we have a healthy baby! I was 8 weeks.

*November 27th- Thanksgiving!! First day in about 2 weeks that i felt like eating! ~side note, thank you baby for picking thanksgiving, the day you give be a break~
I was 8 weeks 6 days.

*Starting to feel a bit better, cravings started around 9.5 weeks (i cant remember exactly) list of cravings so far...biscuits and gravy, Reese's peanut butter cup cereal, mashed potato's, apple cobbler and ice cream, fazoli's spaghetti, olive gardens salad...

*December 4th~7th- went on a girls trip with my mom to branson.....3 momentous things happened on this trip...I did not feel sick once!!! I stopped being able to button my jeans!!! and extreme fatigue kicked in gear big time...i had hardly any energy, i was asleep by 8:30 every night, and needed a nap pretty much everyday...this continued on even after the trip. I was 10 weeks.

*Had a break from feeling sick from about week 10 to week 11. then starting sunday of week 11 i threw up for the first time....i threw up every day during week 11. it always happend between 11am and noon...yuk!!

*December 18th- our 4 year anniversary. Since we decided not to go anywhere for our anniversary (to save money and because i didn't want to be sick the whole time on a trip). We both took the day off just to spend with each other. Jake made me and baby french toast, we got massages, and just loved on each other all day, that evening was the Crossings Christmas staff party. So we pretended that Crossing threw us a big anniversary party :)

*December 19th- 12 WEEKS!!!! we made it to 12 WEEKS!!!! all the stress and worry can disappear and we can truly start getting so so excited! although i am still feeling sick through the day, we are just praying it wont last the whole pregnancy! We slept in, went out to breakfast then headed off to OU for my 12 week appointment(ohhh and threw up right when we got there, luckly i made it to the bathroom). I gained and lost weight all through the first trimester, but total from beginning to end i gained 2 pounds which is at the lower end of the average (2-5lbs is average). and we were able to hear the heart beat! At first when we were listening for the heart beat, you could hear mine right away, then about 20 seconds later....a much much much faster heart beat!! it was in the 150 bpm range. I can not explain to you how amazing it was to hear my heart beat and our baby's heart beat, beating simultaneously! AMAZING!! We chatted with Ann a bit, she told me that the reason i have been throwing up is most likely due to the fact that i am not eating enough between 7am (when i eat breakfast) and 12:45pm (when i eat lunch). that my blood sugar drops and i get sick. I eat almonds at work, but she told me to add string cheese or boiled eggs and that should help. She wished us a merry christmas and a happy new year and told me we will see her again at 16 weeks:)



Jessica Burch said...

So exciting and such a blessing! I am in week 16 and getting bigger I've only gained 5 pounds but eating so much! On January 16 we should be able to see what the gender is! Love you guys and will continue to pray for you!

lauren and brad said...

I love this post! It's such a whirlwind isn't it!!!! Don't WON'T feel sick the whole time...pretty soon you will start to feel Amazing!

Congratulations again and again and again!

Anonymous said...

I love the " Tater Diary"! The sharing of your private moments and innermost thoughts is such a gift. We can't even begin to describe our will never be the same. Thank you.- Momma Rhonda

Heather Cherry said...

Wow, that was an awesome Christy-Preggers-Pedia entry. :o)

mindy said...


I cannot tell how how overjoyed I am for you and Jake. I am sitting here right now being kicked in the ribs by my Isaac that will be here in 5ish weeks, wishing I could freeze time. Every week of your pregnancy will just get sweeter. I am praying that God blesses you and lets you enjoy every moment as much as I have. Keep the blog world updated!