Monday, February 28, 2011

all by herself....

she did it!....she put her own shoes on!...100% all by herself...backwards ;)

i was so proud of her! and she was defiantly proud of herself!...its funny when they know they just accomplished something HUGE!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

big sister....

she seems to be a natural.... ;)

Happy Valentines....better late then never :)

a couple of the girls in my playgroup put together an amazing little valentines day was wonderful!! yummy food...lots of playing...crafts...and of course valentines day card exchange! Pipers first valentines day party was a hit!

we then welcomed daddy home with a sidewalk masterpiece (aka free valentines day card) that we worked ohhh so hard on :) Piper and i also got "dressed up" and cooked dinner for our Valentine...spegetti...cant go wrong! Jake then surprised us with cupcakes! yumm!!!

It was such a wonderful Valentines! I love that piper really got a chance to be involved this year and i really think she had fun too! I love you to the moon jacob seaton!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

19 months & 29 weeks!!

I feel like piper has gone through so many "big girl" changes lately! there were a few things that i wanted to "try" to "help" piper change before baby sister got here...but im obviously not the kind of parent who "forces" any kind of behavior that she is not ready first thing was the habit of waking up between 2am and 5am every morning...i didnt mind it when she would join us in our bed at that time and fall right back to sleep till 8am....but that was starting to not happen anymore....she would join us in bed and just waller around on us and NO ONE would go back to sleep which does not fly with me!!! So for like 2 nights we let her fuss when she woke up...and to our surprise she was back to sleep within 5 to 10 minutes!!! and ever since she sleeps in her crib from 8pm-7:30ish!!! we should have tried that months ago!!!
next was her paci....I wasnt in a huge rush for this one...but i thought why not at least a couple of days ago i just decided to try to cut down to only...sleep times, car rides, and church nursery....It was so easy!!!! she has only asked for it a few times and i would tell her "we get paci at nap time" and she would move on!!! and she hasent even asked for it in the car in days!!! so its official we are down to only sleep times and church nursery...not sure when we will work on those, they will be a bit tougher to give up :(
next was the most ambitious one of all....POTTY LEARNING! thats right...we thought we would give it a shot....this one....not so successful ;) she has all the signs that she is ready...obsessed with the potty...very interested when I go potty, announces when she is going "pee pee" or "poo poo"...stays pretty dry for long peiords of i thought this would be such an easy early this week we went to the store...she sat on a few different potties, and we found one that she loved and seemed really comfortable on...we got really cute little undies (tip for you moms out there...dollar general has GREAT deals on toddler undies...for the same price as the cheesy "character" undies at walmart, target or babies r us...we got double the amount of undies and they are MUCH cuter!!)....anyway for one whole day she wore either her undies or was bare bottomed and guess what....she HATED it!! she looked so uncomfortable on her potty she would cry when she sat down on it (but she loves to sit on it with her clothes on! so weird!)....and when she needed to go she would say "pee pee...diaper" and walk strait to the drawer with all her diapers....she went a couple of times in the potty...but practically cried through it both times! we decided it was SOOOO not worth it right now so we will give it a few weeks and maybe try again :)
I just love this sweet girl so much and am so very proud of her!!....

Its official....i pretty much weigh myself every morning and i hit 10 pounds this morning....which is actually pretty good....but every girl out there doesnt matter what the scale says...i still feel huge! Baby sister really doest move much. I feel her just a few times a day, and try to savor it!! I still cant believe that we are just about 10 weeks away....and we have done nothing! im not kidding...we havent bought one baby idem, pulled anything out from the garage (baby swing, co-sleeper, bumbo,clothes ect.) and i have hardly thought about, let alone "prepare" for this labor!!! aaaaaaaa!!! ok, i am officially overwhelmed! i do however daydream all day long, wondering how she will be similar to she will be they will play with their "babies" they will be friends, and at times im sure get on each others nerves...i wonder if she will follow piper around and want to do EVERYTHING she is doing ;) I CANT WAIT!!!!
28 weeks along with piper....

28 weeks along with baby sister....

bigger? smaller? cant really tell....looks pretty similar to me :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

when you are as tall as the snow outside.....

its much more fun (and warmer) to bring the snow inside!!!

woooooohooooooo for (at least) 2 snow days with my family!!!!!