Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am thankful for.... best friend and love...jacob heart outside of my body...piper
3.the grace and forgiveness of my savior
4.two paid for working cars
5.pipers nap time
6.e-mealz super cute and cozy home parents happiness
9.dave ramsey
10.the dr.sears book series
11.pipers smile
13.piper and i's playgroup ( conversation)
14.moby wraps and slings
16.cloth diapers, breast milk, hand me down clothes...and everything else that makes having a baby cost practically nothing! sweet doggy...annabelle
19.modern family, afv, the office, the middle, big bang theory...
20.the fact that i have wonderful in-laws (and sister-in-law!!)
21.james taylor
22.jacobs job
23.white noise application on jakes iphone (it has saved us from a lot of screaming car rides)
24.the fact that i can easily stay at home with piper.
25.blogger...having so much of piper life documented is so amazing!
and much more then i could ever list....i am very blessed...


Saturday, November 21, 2009


Piper sporting her grandmas handmade sweater/poncho from the 70's :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ok, im totally just kidding ;)

soooo, the first two nights with Piper in her crib went smooth, slept from 8pm-2am, then up again at 5:30am, then back to sleep (then in our room) until was practically clock work...then the third night...not good...she never even slept in her crib, because she was fighting it so much...the crib was NOT her friend. Then the fourth night, started out nice and smooth...asleep in the crib at 8pm...then...who is the problem...not piper...not the crib...the problem was mommy! I realized how much I missed her :( I kept wanting to go get her and bring her to bed with us...I hardly got any sleep, because our room felt so weird without her...I was up watching the clock until she woke up for her feeding around 2am...she has been back in our room ever since :)
We are in NO rush to "get her out of our room", and the fact that she was not sleeping any differently in her room vs. our room, and the fact that I still need her close and much as she need me close...means...she is back in our room ;)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

last night...

we decided to put Piper in her crib last night. I originally thought maybe after the first of the year we would try it...but really kinda hoped to keep her in our room for a year or so....well....the past 3 weeks she had started this new thing of wanting to wake up like 6 or 7 times a night!!! really just to cuddle, because every time I would wake up and start to nurse her, she would fall right back to sleep...only to wake up about an hour later! Yesterday was her 4 month appointment, and I mention it to my pediatrician, she said she had the same issue with her little girl, and she suggested moving her to her room, because the fact that Piper can smell me and hear me makes her want to wake up makes total since (i had even thought about that before she mentioned it) but I just wasn't ready for her to leave my side yet....but I was ready for some sleep! So last night I rocked and nursed her then laid her in her crib at 8pm, she was awake again by 9pm, I nursed her again while thinking this was going to be a LONG night, laid her back down and I didn't hear a peep until 2am!! then she slept again until 5:30am! At that point jake just brought her into bed with us and she slept for another couple of hours! Of course we will try again tonight :) before I laid her down last night I prayed for her safety, being in a new bed away from me just worried me a little bit, I prayed for her security, I didn't want her to feel alone being away from us, I wanted her to still feel warm and secure, and of course I prayed for sleep for all of us :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Congrats Linzy & Matt!!....

My dear friend Linzy got married this last weekend...she is such a sweet lady (I meet her during my theater days, she was the stage manager in a play I was in). She sang in Jake and I's wedding (almost 5 years ago!!), and Jake sang in her wedding!! It was Pipers first wedding:) we got all dolled up and danced the afternoon away! Great wedding and great party for such a great couple!! Love you Linz!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


thats all i have to say....

visit from Uncle Matt and Papa Shu and meeting a new friend...

My brother matt came up for the Halloween OSU v. Texas game, he brought his girlfriend Sarah with was so nice to meet her!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


after a long long battle with cancer my Aunt Cheryl died early monday morning. we all knew it was coming...but i guess you just want to hold on to that hope of a miracle. she was in her early 40's and has 2 boys (my cousins) who are 12 and 17. the funeral is tomorrow and jake is playing and singing for it. she was an amazing christian woman so i have peace that she is hangin' out with Jesus right now....but please please pray for my uncle and my cousins who just lost a beautiful wife and mother.