Tuesday, October 25, 2011

crossed the other side...

so i got an iphone...i feel like i was close to the last person ever to get one!...with how easy it is to take photos and immediately tweet things i will probably start doing more 'life updating' on twitter...which also shows up as my facebook status. I do still plan to blog every once in a while....but mostly going to tweet....crazy technology!! come follow me!! @christyseaton

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

he loves us, oh how he loves us....

All i have to say about Sunday is ....BLESSED!!! thank you father for being so faithful!
we have 3 more weeks covering our series on 'seeds' God is up to something radically and shamelessly....small...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Frisco Apartment Homes Tour 2011....

and last but not least...the master bedroom/Violets room/jakes office:)...

thats it people, all 1007 sq ft of our little tiny place:)...well except the master bathroom/closet...i forgot to snap photos...maybe later. We really do love it, its just so darn little!! but for now its our home and we are blessed to have it!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a pumpkin patchin' we will go!

last year piper and i went to this amazing pumpkin patch in Arcadia, Ok with my play was my first pumpkin patch experience since i was little and it was super fun! So this year i was determined to find a good patch around here for us all to go and pick our pumpkins for the fall season:) Well i found an AMAZING one! The Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch did not disappoint! I knew i wanted to plan to go the first week of October to get us in the fall mood so i checked out a couple of books on pumpkins and the fall season at the library and we had been reading them to pipe in the days leading up :) We packed up our picnic dinner and started on the 40-ish minute drive to get there....the patch was full of wooden cut out characters all over the property of every 2-10 year olds tv idol you can imagine (pipers included, the whole toy story cast, barney, & elmo), tons of bounce house inflatables, playground equipment, mazes, picnic benches for our dinner, hay ride...and TONS of pumpkins (with wagons to ride while "shopping":)...on our way home we stopped at starbux for pumpkin spice latte....i told jake that it was officially a tradition! ...the best part....after thanksgiving they turn into a Christmas Tree yard...with equally fun activities!! we get to go back in 2 months!!!!

our little pumpkin family! Yes the mommy pumpkin is represented by the ugly-warty gourd...but at least its skinny;)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

milestone catchup....

~about a week ago Violet started this crazy super-baby style push-up...she is so strong, she would completely lift her entire body off the ground...everyone who saw it was amazed:) wasn't long after that she started actually getting up on all 4's and rocking!!! just shy of turning 5 months old! Having babies that are pretty much attached to me until they become mobile and get a taste of a bit of freedom...unlike most people, i LOVE it when they start crawling/walking...its defiantly a milestone i very much look forward too (weaning, starting food, leaving me for pre-school...not so much:)...
~if we are friends on facebook....i obsessively try to get advice on how to handle my high maintenance sleeper (piper ann seaton) much so that it has been overlooked that Violet is an AMAZING sleeper! And since she sleeps in her own bed (bassinet) much better then her sister ever did (as in she ACTUALLY does;) we decided to pack up the co-sleeper...and set up the crib!!!! We had to re-arrange our room a bit to fit it, but i actually think we like it better now:) She is sound asleep right now in her very first big-girl bed:) Eventually we really want Piper and Violet to share rooms...but we are not in any rush. I think she likes it:)...

~a little over a month ago we were at our new library looking over the movies... my eye caught a movie that a friend of mine had mentioned..."Potty Power!" we were not ready to dive into hard core potty training yet... but i thought we should check it out. When we got home i pulled her potty chair out to the living room (just in case she felt motivated;) and popped in the dvd...within minutes she was ripping off her diaper saying that she had "Potty Power!!!" and went pee on the potty! And I'm not kidding...since that moment she has had underwear on for every waking moment!!!! Potty training has been the easiest "hard" parenting achievement we have gone though!! All my readers (and future 13 year old piper) will be happy to know that i do not have a photo of this:)...

Monday, October 3, 2011

we gather together...

this is it!....this is the week leading up to the entire reason we left our life of extreme comfort....we felt so strongly called to this ministry in Frisco....and here we are!....this coming Sunday is Frisco Fields Church very first service!!! I feel so blessed to be here....i feel so blessed to be apart of this Community of people....and i fell so blessed to be apart of the history of this Church! This journey has stretched me more then i can a wife, supporter, mommy, christian, financial book-keeper, and friend. I have had to learn to give up control more then i have ever had to in my LIFE....but as a Christian i have been given this gift of not having to be in control....of having a heavenly father to say..."daddy, help, i cant handle this alone". We have done every earthly thing we can do....the stage is designed, the nursery is set up, activities are planned for the kids, we have set up & tear down, down to a science, sermon series is planned, coffee maker is cleaned, band is put its up to Him.... and we are sooooooo ready to see Gods Glory SHINE through this ministry!!
...come....join us....we are nice;) come be apart of our history!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sisters Much!....again;)

One of the most wonderful photo of Piper and Jake....
Piper Ann...October 2009...3 months old

Violet June....October 2011...5 months old

Yes I made Jake wake up from Sunday nap to relive this photo! but it was totally worth it!! even he thinks so! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Frisco Apartment Homes Tour 2011....

Part 3: Dining room/Living room/Kitchen/Laundry room...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

our little Viley is 3 months old!!

wow! 3 months! officially a baby, not a newborn anymore :( In the last 3 months you have met tons of family and friends...been to lots of library programs and playdates (in Oklahoma & Texas!), been diagnosed with reflux (and now doing SO much better, mommy hardly ever has to give you your medicine anymore!)... received TONS of kisses from a certain big sister of yours...had your first little cold...spend longer then a baby should have to at an audiologist just to be told your can hear perfect! are now starting to fit in 3 month clothes! which i guess means your starting to pack on the pounds! finally started wearing cloth moved to TEXAS(yeah thats a big one) have been swimming A LOT, that happens when you have a very busy sister and a super nice pool at your new house :) started giggling this week which is so beautiful to rolled over from your back to your belly yesterday! still LOVE to be swaddled, and pretty much have to be swaddled to sleep in your only nurse when your hungry and want the paci when your tired... you start off great sleeping in your bed the first part of the night (which gives mommy a nice break) but pretty much ends up in our bed by your first have been on a small trip to our state Capital Austin...and already have had many hotel stays in your short are much less *clear throat* high needs then your sissy...most of the time you are a pretty happy and content baby... your awake times are getting longer and LOVE watching your sissy play...

These last 3 months have FLOWN by! With how crazy our lives have been lately i already feel as though i will look back on this time with Violet and feel like i didnt "take it in" like i should....i'm trying so hard to be aware of that! I love her so much....she is so beautiful and i could kiss her little cheeks all day!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Frisco Apartment Homes Tour 2011....

Part 2: Piper's bathroom/closet/bedroom

Yes people you are seeing things correctly....that is a BIG GIRL BED in her room!! Since Violets still in our room in the co-sleeper....we thought, that when we moved we would not even set the crib up...there for the big girl bed would be the Cool new thing in our Cool new house:) She has done AMAZING with it! It still takes 2 or 3 times of going in and laying her back down at night before she officially falls asleep...but MUCH better then i was expecting!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Frisco Apartment Homes Tour 2011....

Seaton's Home: Part One....entry & porch :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

and we're back in the game!!!!

cloth diapers...ohhhh how I've missed thee! since within 10 weeks we were adding a 4 person to our family and moving to another state we decided that once Violet was born we would take a "cloth diaper vacation" until we got settled in Texas...then we would get Violet in cloth and Piper potty trained! well Friday we pulled out our diaper tub and put Violet in her first cloth:) they look so cute on her ;) I am so glad to be starting them! I was getting SUPER tired of buying diapers!!!!

next....the potty training adventure begins!!!! ANY ADVICE??!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Terrific two!!!!!

I grew up with dyslexia so to say the least reading wasn't too I have gotten older I am learning to love a good book every now and then and especially am loving reading to Jake and I are determined to raise a book worm! And since we were moving to Texas 5 days after her birthday to a small apartment....we thought this would be the perfect birthday to stock her(and Violets) library!!...
my little sweet pea is pretty much obsessed with cookies! so there was no question to the sweet of choice for her party!!

Paparazzi! :)

"ooooo. wow-we"

She kept saying..."hello?...bye bye. hello?....bye bye."

Piper reading to my cousins 2 little guys Titus & Javen

Violet finally woke up at the very end of the party! just in time for my cousin Rebekah to meet her.

Nothing like a good read!

Pretty good loot if I do say so myself!