Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy 30th Birthday to this amazing....daddy, leader, pastor, musician, provider, video gamer, husband, christian, chef, honey-do-er, comedian, bed-maker,free spirit, MAN i have ever known!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

sick christmas...

i got sick this Christmas...a horrible cold....first of all it was my first Christmas to be sick....second of all it was the first time i have been sick since piper had been born....i now know that even with ALL the help from jake....mommys NEVER truly get a sick day!...but to at least give me a few hours of complete rest in hopes to feel better Christmas day, jake took piper to Christmas Eve service at church by himself! this is how they felt about that.... :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

let the matching dresses begin!!!!!!......


this is my favorite....her skinny little legs all stretched out...

sweet profile...

*explanation: we had every intention to "wait to find out" with this baby like we did with Piper, and had even "announced to the world (and family)" that we were "waiting"....then came the morning of December 3, the day of our ultrasound...and i woke up with an overwhelming desire to NEED to know....i convinced Jake on our way there....and what did we find?!.....ANOTHER GIRL!!!! We were both overwelmed with tearful laughter and joy!! not to mention complete shock!
So on our way home we decided since everyone thinks we are "waiting to find out"....lets just keep going along with that (and ummm...lie;) until Christmas and SURPRISE everyone!!!! This Christmas has been so much fun getting to shock everyone with this wonderful surprise!!!
So...we are sorry to everyone who we had to "stretch the truth" (ok...lie), my playgroup, church friends, and anyone else! we have prayed about it and been forgiven ;).....I hope you can forgive us was all in the name of a Christmas Surprise! :)
(videos of us telling out family to come....)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas dress...this year & last...

Christmas 2009- 5 months

Christmas 2010- 17 months

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


my cousin Traci graduated from UCO Saturday! and she already has a job as a special education teacher in Guthrie! WOW i am so proud! and excited to have a fellow Broncho in the family!

ohhh man...check out that graduation bling! she is one smart cookie!!

Happy Birthday Papa Shu!....well yesterday ;)

we have started a great tradition of doing Christmas with my dad (papa shu) on his birthday(the 21st) is so wonderful because i get to see my dad on his birthday, we get a fun early Christmas, and it allows us to be able to have time to see everyone during Christmas! we had such a good time (dispite dad having a bit of a tummy bug:(....we had a great lunch, then took dad to cuppies & joe for a birthday cupcake then back home for presents!!! Piper got some great gifts, her favorite is the Aquadoodle!! she loves it! and i love it too because she can learn to "color" without mess!!

and my favorite gift was dave ramseys new board game "act your wage"! who ever gets out of debt first wins!!! dad wasent gone 5 minutes before we started playing it....i won of course ;)


Saturday, December 18, 2010

6 years and a BIG milestone!!.....

today we celebrate 6 amazing years together....i don't feel old enough to be married for 6years(and to most people, I'm not)...but i would not have wanted my life any other way, but side by side with my best friend!! Ever since piper weaned...i have really wanted to have a overnight date with my hott husband ;) and since we only have 4 more months before i have another nursing baby....we thought our anniversary would be PERFECT for our first night away! went PERFECT! we went to a fancy place called Deep Fork for dinner, jake had some yummy ribs and i had the chicken and they even gave us a free appetizer for our anniversary! We got dessert to go (chocolate and strawberry cake) and headed to the the Renaissance hotel was the most wonderful and lovely evening!! we "slept in" (7:45am:) and went downstairs for our fancy breakfast in our jammies :) i feel so blessed to have that time to re-connect with my hubby all alone (ok i guess baby #2 was with us ;).

And apparently Piper wants to trade us in for Nani & Pa...they said she didn't even fuss once and slept until 7:30am!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

17 Months & 20 Weeks!!!

that's right! yesterday my 2 babies turned 17 months and 20 weeks on the same day! they are both getting so big!.....

a little bit about Piper...

*the words she says are...mommy, daddy, ball, baby, bath, book, puppy, duckie, piper, diaper, pretty, bubble, cheese, apple, nannie, pa,papa, "t", night night, peepee, poopoo, stinkie, bible, cookie, uh-oh, please, up, yellow, blue, purple and a lot of "words" we are not sure about yet ;)

*she still signs for...water, hungry, bird, more, all done & cracker

*foods she loves...cheese, apples, veggie burgers, PB sandwiches, ice cream, eggs, green beans, goldfish crackers, any dried fruit, bagels & cream cheese...she has really gotten into wanting to "dip" her food, like pieces of bagel into cream cheese, or french fries into ketchup ;)

*she weaned, basically on her own, at 15 months, when i was 12 weeks pregnant...all i did was a lot of distraction, we stayed really busy, and if she would ask to nurse i would offer a snack or an activity, and eventually she just stopped asking for it!

*she is a champ at going to sleep in her own bed now....staying asleep in her own bed is a different story. we honestly at 8pm (after bedtime routine of bath, book, prayer and a minute or two of rocking) can just lay her down awake in her crib and she doesn't make a peep and goes right to sleep....but she is up by 1am and we just bring her to our bed then...not sure how that is going to work when #2 comes??

*she has her first "chore", that she started all herself, when we leave the house it is her job to "put the puppy in her room"....she have even got doing the latch down...and when we come home she goes straight to annabelles cage to let her out...she gets pretty frustrated if we forget to let her do it ;)

*the girl loves her sesame street and praise baby video.

*our favorite activities are, the 2 library programs we go to, our playgroup, the science museum, and the play area at quail springs mall!

*after about a month, a lot of crying, a lot of comforting from the teachers, and probably a lot of crackers, she FINALLY loves going to church nursery!!!

of course i could go on forever about all the little quirks of Miss. Piper, but I'll stop there :)

a little bit about #2...

*our first belly photo!! everyone keeps telling me that i don't even look pregnant...well that's because its winter people and i wear a lot of sweats and here is the belly....see i told you it was there!!!

*i have only gained 2lbs...but that is on top of the 2lbs that i lost at the i am back right where i was when i first found out...although i already feel SO much bigger then i felt with pipe...but i think that's typical for your 2nd.

*I made it to 20 weeks without one moment of sickness!!!!!!! but a lot of back pain.

*we had our ultrasound last week and everything looks perfect and healthy! he/she is 10oz and moves all the time! he/she is so cute and looks like piper did at her ultrasound :)

*EVERYONE thinks the baby is a boy, i guess because my 2 pregnancies have been night and day different.

*starting to remember the pain of labor and birth...trying to focus on the beauty of labor and birth.

*I have been craving tomato based, spaghetti, and salsa.

I absolutely can not WAIT to meet this little one and learn his or her quirks and get to know him or her like we know Piper!!!!
I love you my little ones!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Real Christmas Story...

headed to church with our Christmas jammies and paci....what else does a girl need ;)

before and during the show....playing with friends, looking at the live animals and giving kisses to daddy :)

after the show all the kiddos go do a craft and decorate a cookie...piper took it on as a project to clean up all the left over sprinkles while waiting for her cookie ;)

*yes...that day she took a little tumble off the couch (ooops!) and has a red bump on her head to prove it :( but it didnt stop her from having a good time!! huh?! :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

remember this from last year.....

last Christmas Piper, Jake and I had the honor of playing Jesus, Mary and Joseph in a program called "the real Christmas story" that our church puts on for little ones....well this year we put on our jammies and went as spectators:) Pipers favorite part was when "Mary" walks "Jesus" around for everyone to see him...she stood up, pointed and kept saying "baby, baby, baby..." over and over again, it was so fun!!

2 generations of Mary & Jesus ;)

Friday, December 3, 2010

pipers buddy :)

my friend katie needed someone to watch her little girl this after some begging from piper ;) we offered. we had a BLAST!! they were inseparable! and if Liv did decide to explore and go to another room i would look to piper and ask "where did your buddy go??", piper would go right to find her and join in with whatever Liv found to play with, it was so cute! and of course there is nothing like a friend who shares the same passion of "sesame street" as you do ;)

ohhh and apparently sesame street makes all little girls do a little spin!!