Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I was not able to blog about this yesterday, for obvious reasons, but we threw Rhonda a surprise 50th birthday party!! It was actually my very first surprise party ever!! They are so nerve racking!!!! But She loved it....and claims she was totally surprised :) I took tons of photos for Rhonda to remember the night....but i thought i would share the "money shot" ;)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today is my Mother-in-Love's 50th birthday!! I think she is pretty proud of turning 50...which she should....she looks AMAZING!!! I could not have ever asked for a better mother in law...i know i am blessed.... Rhonda....I prayed for you this morning that you would have a beautiful day, I love you and happy birthday!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lazy days of summer...

This weekend was like the true definition of a lazy summer day.... Friday we were able to sleep in, hang out in PJ's all morning, while doing a little laundry....i was even able to make the bed :). After lunch we thought we would go to a matinee (at the Starplex at northpark of course!!). We saw "the happening".....which I wouldn't exactly recommend...but it was a nice time since it was a Friday afternoon at 1pm and there was like no one at the of course that just feed our delusions that we have the whole town to ourselves on "our Fridays"....the rest of our day was full of a whole lot of nothing....which we LOVED!!
Saturday morning we woke up early for the OKC farmers market!! We bought so many yummy, fresh, locally grown food! We got... peaches....cantalope....watermelon...greenbeans... tomato's...corn..... we found ourselves later Saturday and Sunday afternoon, sitting on our back porch eating something summery and juicy!! I went to Courtney Weaver's (Jake's boss's daughter, and long time family friend) bridal luncheon....It was beautiful and so very girly!!! For lunch at the shower, we had Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad, Pasta Salad, and Spinach Salad....(see what i mean by there any other kind of Salad!?) But it was all YUMMY!! Jake and I bought her and her future hubby Jeremy a big Mackenzie-Childs platter...i just love them! After the shower Jake and I fit a nap into our "very busy" lazy summer day :) Saturday evening we found ourselves at one of our favorite places....Barnes and Noble!! We LOVE to walk around the store...pile up 4 or 5 books...find a comfy place to sit and then not move for about 2 hours.... our food money envelope was pretty full so this time we decided to splurge on coffee! I found myself this with a pile of books on Natural Childbirth and Organic Living (which besides the bible, is all I find myself reading these days) and Jake, of course had found more books on guitars and other music stuff then we had time for!!
This morning at church...Jake had his normal work duties and i had lately i have been with the older toddlers....but this morning they had 21 babies in the 6-9 month old room, so they needed the extra help.... which was a treat! At lunch heather had a dress on that she loved and wanted me to take photos of we did about a 3 minute photo shoot outside of Cafe Bravo while we waited for our food....down below were my 2 favorites!!!! This evening we went to a potluck type dinner with all Heather and Rhonda's friends from their Peru mission trip.... Weekend is now over....after a good nights sleep its back to work we go!! ;)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I heart camping....

We had so much fun with my family last weekend floating the river and camping!!! My brother Matt, Jake and I camped out and my mom and dad were at home base (a hotel ;). So it wasn't roughing it too bad because we were able to go take a shower after floating the river. I actually did not take many took most of them, but here are a few of what i got :)...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Kayden's One Years Old!!...

I gave you a preview a few post's ago...but here is the link to Kayden's full "one year" photo shoot...that consisted of 2 days! :) enjoy!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

off to float the river... the wonderful river of illinois

OK it doesn't have the same exact ring to it....but that is what we are doing. We leave early tomorrow morning to head down to the Illinois river to go float it and camp....We are using the same tent that I have used for like probably over 15 years, so we will see how things hold up ;) Come back after the weekend for photos!!!

I just had to add a photo to this hubby and his favorite past time ;)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One Year!!!!

Wow!! I can not believe this, but today is my one year anniversary at Rowe Chiropractic! This Is the only photo I have of Dr. Tamatha and I (its from our staff Christmas Dinner). I have enjoyed every moment since i started ....I have learned so much about natural medicine, insurance, chiropractic care, running an office. I have enjoyed working with our patients and becoming great friends with "tee tah" :) I know that i am truly blessed to say that I love going to work everyday, but its true!!! Thanks Tamatha for being such an amazing boss and friend to me!!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend in review...

Hi everyone....I am so glad to hear and see that we have peeps coming to look at our blog!!....Keep coming!!! We had a very full i will try to sum it up....
Jake and I are very blessed to both have Fridays off....I always feel like its our own little day....everyone else is at work and we have the town to ourselves!!! So that means our "weekends" start on Thursday night. This Thursday right after work, we got home and jumped into our "weekend uniform" (mine is usually sweets and a tee and Jake is always jeans and a grey gap shirt) and headed to Olive Garden...we do not eat out often....but my boss was so nice and gave us a gift card for watching her little one Carsten last weekend. Olive Garden has the best soup! I could eat the zuppa tuscona everyday!! and of course their salad and bread all just got my weekend off to a great start!!!
Friday i woke up to the sound of the lawn mower outside our bedroom window....i was so surprised to find Jake out didn't need it "that bad", but he said its much easier to mow when its not like a i was very proud of him to have that kind of motivation!! We ran around town running errands and playing (remember we think we have the town to ourselves on Fridays ;) Jake traded some video games in for a new one and I got my hair done (a little bit darker this time). Friday evening was a "family zone" party at the McCords house (beautiful home in nichols hills). We had yummy salmon and steak!
Saturday morning (while Jake played his new video game;) I meet Brad, Bridget and Kayden at Will Rodgers Park for Kaydens "one year old" photo shoot....I have been taking kaydens photos since he was in Bridget's belly!! You can not get more beautiful eyes....and i think he wants to be a photographer too....what do you think??? ;)

Saturday evening we went to another church party....this time it was for "boot camp" volunteers and it was at Cheri's (Jake's boss) house. We had fried chicken from Eishen's and Jake made home made ice cream that was pretty tasty! Ohh yeah and i totally got made fun of for tearing up napkins to conserve paper!
Today....Jake got to lead worship for the 10:45 service at church....they ask him to do this every once in a while and he just LOVES it!! My sis-in-law also sang with him....

Friday, July 11, 2008

1-2-3.....cheeeeeese :)

I have the amazing pleasure of using my passion of photography for my ministry! About a year ago i was asked to be the "children's ministries photographer".....which basically means that one Sunday a month and one Wednesday a month i get to run around and take photos of VERY willing participants!!! I usually end up with over 3oo photos....but I have to narrow them down to 30 to turn in....which is always so so so hard! These photos are used for the crossing's monthly newsletter, publications, advertising for upcoming events, wall decor....and just about anything else they want to use them for :) I thought i would share a few favorites from this month...

BTW.....we need some comment love!.....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

She had me at "WORTH IT!!"....

Jake and I canceled our cable ohhh about 3 weeks ago (will explain in a future post).... since then we have been listening to A LOT of radio! the other morning at breakfast the little news segment of my christian radio station came on....they were reporting on this church that did these "cardboard testimonies"... and that you could watch it on you tube.... I immediately ran to the computer....and within minutes i was crying!!!! This was something i just had to share, It is completely worth 8 minutes of your time. The story of the woman who was diagnosed with MS (you will see) is what got my tears flowing!!!....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Frugal Tuesday....Woot Woot!!!

When Jake and i first started our journey to become debt free, almost a year ago!...we had to find something (something cheap) to reward ourselves on a weekly basis. Once we were married we hardly EVER went to the was just SO expecive! It would be close to $20 just to go see one movie (as most of you know). We always felt totally out of the loop when people would be talking about the latest movies. So i started searching around....and what did i find!?.... Right down the street from our house.... with almost an angelic glow surrounding the building... Northpark Mall....yes that's right.... The totally getto dollar movie theater in Northpark Mall...there it was, there was our answer!!! BUT doesnt end there....i then learned that on Tuesdays....movies are just $0.50 each!!! That was it.....from then on our Tuesdays turned into what jake likes to call "frugal tuesday"....since then....without could find us at Northpark Mall every tuesday night! Yes you did your caculations right...we go to the movies every week for only $4 total every month!!! We might be a month or two behind on movies....but by "rewarding" ourselves....we were able to acheaved the ultimate reward of being DEBT FREE!!! We havent decited yet....but tonight it will either be "horton hears a hoo!" or "made of honor".....who knows....which ever one we dont see tonight we might splurge and go see saturday for $1.75! HAHA

Monday, July 7, 2008

I've wanted to do this for like a year....

I have wanted to start a blog for a while its about time :) So much has happend in Jake and I's life here lately (im sure everything will be talked about in future posts)....that i figured this will be the perfect way for friends and family to keep up with our lives. This will be so fun for me...hopefully you will laugh... you'll cry... you'll think im crazy sometimes... I can promise you missed spelled words....and really bad grammer....but i will try to post a couple of times a week so add us to your faves and come back!!!! :)