Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy 2 months!!

-you are smiling lots...and even giggling a little
-you are out of mommy and daddies bed and sleeping great at night in your co-sleeper
-you still LOVE your moby wraps, and now even face out sometimes.
-you LOVE to nurse and in the evenings sometimes you need "mommy time" every hour!
-you are generally a happy baby and really only fuss when you are tired or want to nurse.
-you hold your head up like a champ!
-you are still pretty little, and very long! I think your going to be a model!
-when you are held (unless your sleepy) you like to be facing out to see the world
-you are offically in your cloth diapers 99% of the time...pre-folds and covers during the day and your bumGenious at night, and a disposible here and there when mommy is in a hurry out in public :)
-you snort all the time. We think that is from Daddy's side.
-you have been great when we go to the dollar movies, although you sleep through all of them, as you are snug in your Moby.
-you still wake at least once in the middle of the night to feed.
-you have just started sittning in your Bumbo for short amounts of time.
-you are still a big James Taylor fan.

We look forward to see how you change each month. Until then, we will enjoy watching you perform for us. Hopefully we will be able to catch your performances on camera like we have your first two acts below.


lizcannon said...

super cute!!!!
i can't belive she is already dancing and playing guitar!!!

Jamila said...

Rock on Piper!