Tuesday, October 13, 2009

3 months!! (a little late :)

-I took my first trip out of state, to Missouri to see family
-your days of going to the dollar movie with us are over...we have had to walk out of two movies! so Grandma came to stay with you while mommy and daddy went on their first date without you.
-I am laughing up a storm! It sounds like a high pitched squeal :)
-I had my first sinuses...but Dr.Tamatha help me with that.
-I Love my play gym mat thing. I will lay their for 20 minutes just talking and laughing with the monkey that hangs from it.
-I love sitting in my bumbo while mommy or daddy is cooking and sitting at the table with them in it during meals.
-I still sleep in mommy and daddy's room in my co-sleeper.
-I still like to wake up once during the night to nurse. but I'm up and ready to start my day around 7am.
-Between Church and MOM's group, I have started to spend some time in the church nursery...I don't love it, and mommy had been paged a few times, but I am starting to get used to it.
-I have started noticing the TV. And will actually turn my head and stare at it for a few minutes.
-Mommy things I weigh around 11 pounds.
-I take my day time naps in my swing.
-I have started rolling over a lot....mostly from my belly to back.
-I have really strong legs, and love standing (with help of course)
-I am still pretty mommy-needy (which of course mommy loves)...but I am starting to let other people hold me for longer periods of time.
-I LOVE kicking, smiling and staring at mommy and daddy's faces :)


Emma Krueger said...

I love it! I love hearing what she is up to!

fearlesschef said...

And today I give out awards... one to you!