Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ok, im totally just kidding ;)

soooo, the first two nights with Piper in her crib went smooth, slept from 8pm-2am, then up again at 5:30am, then back to sleep (then in our room) until was practically clock work...then the third night...not good...she never even slept in her crib, because she was fighting it so much...the crib was NOT her friend. Then the fourth night, started out nice and smooth...asleep in the crib at 8pm...then...who is the problem...not piper...not the crib...the problem was mommy! I realized how much I missed her :( I kept wanting to go get her and bring her to bed with us...I hardly got any sleep, because our room felt so weird without her...I was up watching the clock until she woke up for her feeding around 2am...she has been back in our room ever since :)
We are in NO rush to "get her out of our room", and the fact that she was not sleeping any differently in her room vs. our room, and the fact that I still need her close and much as she need me close...means...she is back in our room ;)


lauren and brad said...


Jamila said...

Keely Beth stayed right next to me until she was over a year. She still wakes up & comes to our room everynight. She loves being with us. I don't blame her. I wouldn't want to sleep alone on the other side of the house. Just don't know how long this will be or should be (she'll be three in January!)

Heather Cherry said...

Aw... I miss her when she's away from me, too.

And Jamila! 3 already! Holy moly.

Anonymous said...

Eisley is still in our room and just now sleeping all night. We have moved her from our bed to the pack-n-play. Not because we want to, but because we have no more room left for all 3 of us. Enjoy her while she is little. It will be no time and she will start to become Miss Independent.