Wednesday, December 16, 2009

night out...

Last night was the Crossings staff Christmas evening that we look forward too all year. Its always been a fun night of getting all gussied up, eat yummy fancy food, and great fellowship! And last night was no different :)
Piper got to go to Nan-nan and Pa's house! It was the first time they have gotten to watch her and they were beaming with joy! We got to their house and the entire living room was full of blankets so that Piper could roll till her hearts was very sweet. Piper has a hard time away from her momma or i knew they had their work cut out for them. But we left them a bottle of pumped i figured they would at least have that to fall back on if she was having a hard time...but...she would not take the bottle!!! they told me that she would push it away in anger. I have heard that this sometimes happens with breastfed babies...but she has had bottles before with no problem, so im not sure what the issue was? Anyway as soon as jake and i got back there she was so happy! I was holding her...but she could not take her eyes off of her daddy with the biggest smile! So even though I know she cryed and missed me and jake...i knew she was in the loving arms of her grandparents...and i have confidence that it will get easier on all of us in time :)


The Lees said...

We are having the same problems with Jocelyn. She HATES being away from me and refuses to take a bottle, even though she has taken one since she was born. It's a bit relieving that she's not the only one her age doing this