Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sick :(

Piper pretty much woke up hating the world yesterday morning....cranky from the start, i just thought it was going to be another one of those "marathon nursing" days. So we sit on on the couch and start nursing...she almost immediately falls asleep after only being awake maybe 30 minutes! she takes a small nap on my lap, but when she woke up...she was hot, crying, and miserable! I took her was 101.8! then she threw up!! being completely unprepared for this inevitable day, i start crying my eyes out and call jake. While i pulled myself together, jake called our doctors office to make an appointment. i didnt want to go through this all by myself for the first praise Jesus that jake has a job that cares and he was able to take us to the the time we got there she looked so was horrible...she could not open her eyes and was continuously crying and would not nurse! they listened to her breathing, which was really raspy, they put her on a breathing machine (which she HATED!), tested her for RSV and the Flu and sent us to the hospital to get a chest x-ray to check for phenomena...our doctor told us that she looked so sickly that she was honestly trying to decided if she should admit her to the hospital!!!! flash backs to the NICU came back and jake and i were full of emotions holding our little girl :( after spending a few hours in and out of the doctors office and the hospital, all the tests came back negative!!!! Whooo-hoooo!! And after a few hours on children's Tylenol and finally a good feeding...she was like a different baby...talking, smiling and trying to crawl off the examining table while Dr.Grim was checking her breathing:) It made us feel so good!! Dr.Grim said that it must be some sort of bronchial virus, she said just too keep up with the Tylenol every 5 to 6 hours, keep a humidifier around, and nurse her as much as possible!! We came home and took a LONG nap together :) she is still pretty cranky, wants to be held or nursing pretty much constantly, but i can already tell she is feeling a bit better. ohhhh the trials of parenthood...yesterday was one of the most emotional mornings of my life...and i know this is just the beginning!!!

*jake took this photo at the doctors office with his iphone


Emma Krueger said...

She looks so sad in this photo. Its so heartbreaking when they are sick and you feel so helpless. I am so glad that all the tests came back negative. Hope she is on the mend.

Tiffany said...

Aw I'm glad everything came back okay! Babies getting sick is very scary! And tylenol is a big help, but nursing and mommy's love is even better!! Keep up the good work!

Ryan and Katie said...

get well soon!