Monday, April 26, 2010


apparently i decided to take a (un-intentional) blogging seems like forever since i have been here...during my "blogging break" i missed Pipers 9 month birthday, earth day and the OKC Bombing Memorial....honestly it has been nice...Most of this blog is not for any of you readers....its for our own memories...a journal of sorts for our family...soooo i put alot of pressure on myself to document as much as possible....and i just needed a break from that pressure...except for the fact that i picked the worst few weeks to take a break! In the last month...piper has mastered free standing, waving, clapping, pointing, saying "dada" intentionally, and....drum roll please....TAKING HER FIRST STEPS! thats right she took her first step yesterday morning in the children's church room at church...and today she has consistently been able to take 2 small steps before falling down to go back to crawling. So needless to say this month has been HUGE!
ok so im back now and i have a list of things that need to be blogged...including a garden update and hopefully some video of pipe...hope there are still people out there!! :)
here are a few photos from this month :)


fearlesschef said...

This month has been huge for us too... but we aren't walking yet! Yay Piper!

Emma Krueger said...

What a cutie! Kennedy is growing up so fast, she crawling and trying to stand. She loves to clap too, I love it!