Monday, August 16, 2010

a few of Pipers quirks...

~she can say....daddy,momma,night-night,nana(for banana),nan-nan (although they are similar, we can distinctly tell the differences in the last 3 words :) and MANY other "words" that we have no idea what she is saying! ;)

~she can sign...more, eat, milk(nursing), drink, bird, fish and diaper

~they other day piper and kennedy were walking into her room for the both to be changed...when i asked "who's poopie"...piper raised her hand! I'm not kidding!...and she actually was poopie!!!

~She runs...thats right RUNS at 13 months!

~she does all the motions to "patty cake" like a champ!

~we were looking through her "baby words" book the other day...i was just going along, pointing to all the pictures and naming the objects...then i turned the page and immediately she points the the picture of the banana and says "nana" with all the

~she gives hugs like they are going out of style...she gives them as a greeting, if you are sad or hurt,if you tell her "i love you" if you ask for one...and sometimes just because :)

~her favorite foods are pinto/black beans, carrots, broccoli veggie burger patties, any kind of bread, scrambled eggs, blue berries, oranges, yogurt,cheese, applesauce and ice cream!

~she finally LOVES books...i have been checking out about 20 new books a week from the library. Her favorite book is a fisher price book called "how big?"...each page we say real loud "SOOOOOO BIG" she anticipates us saying it and flips out! its awesome.