Monday, November 22, 2010


did you miss me.....well to be honest...i missed you. i guess i would have to say that i got burned out on blogging...not sure why...but after a little break i hope to be back for good....i am already having feelings of guilt for not documenting this pregnancy like i did for pipers.... so heres a bit of an update...:)

I am 17 weeks along! feeling amazing! the only symptoms i have had is fatigue (is that pregnancy or chasing a 1 year old around all day??)...i have not been sick at all! if you are a long time reader you know that i was really sick with needles to say, not having any nausea was a very welcomed change :) we originally had plans to find out the sex of the baby this time....but about 2 weeks ago i completely changed my mind, and it didn't take much to convince jake....we just LOVED the anticipation too much! we also originally planned to have this baby at home...we had our first appointment (at 12 weeks) with some amazing midwives in Norman and really loved them.....but were still feeling just a little uneasy about being at home and so decided to go back to the midwives at OU medical center...Our Midwife from Piper is retireding :( so for my second appointment (last week) was with a new one named Barbra....we really liked her. Everything with #2 is going well...and so fast! I felt the baby move last week! and feel the baby about once a day :) Over night i have started "showing" i have a pooch that just cant be sucked in any longer!....yet i still have not gained any weight....well i think thats all for #2....i hope to start belly photos now that there is actually a bit of a belly, since i dont have one yet i will leave you with photos from when we told jakes family on heathers birthday(september 11th)....


Steph Hann said...

Cute butt! :)

~Christy said...

thanks...i do yoga ;) hehe