Saturday, December 18, 2010

6 years and a BIG milestone!!.....

today we celebrate 6 amazing years together....i don't feel old enough to be married for 6years(and to most people, I'm not)...but i would not have wanted my life any other way, but side by side with my best friend!! Ever since piper weaned...i have really wanted to have a overnight date with my hott husband ;) and since we only have 4 more months before i have another nursing baby....we thought our anniversary would be PERFECT for our first night away! went PERFECT! we went to a fancy place called Deep Fork for dinner, jake had some yummy ribs and i had the chicken and they even gave us a free appetizer for our anniversary! We got dessert to go (chocolate and strawberry cake) and headed to the the Renaissance hotel was the most wonderful and lovely evening!! we "slept in" (7:45am:) and went downstairs for our fancy breakfast in our jammies :) i feel so blessed to have that time to re-connect with my hubby all alone (ok i guess baby #2 was with us ;).

And apparently Piper wants to trade us in for Nani & Pa...they said she didn't even fuss once and slept until 7:30am!!!!!!!!


Ryan and Katie said...

yay for anniversaries and for parents night out! You look so cute in that pic but I'm sad you only slept in til 7:45! We are braving our first night away from Liv while in Oregon. You give me hope that she will be ok with grandma!