Monday, January 10, 2011

18 months & 24 weeks!!!

we had pipers 18 month appointment today....she cried the whole normal....but she is perfectly healthy! 22lb and 31in tall....Dr. Grim and i talked about her "screaming for attention" according her her i have been doing the right thing by ignoring it and keeping a calm tone....she totally encouraged my desire to try to potty train....we might be going to buy a potty tomorrow! and we discussed possibly starting a vaccine schedule at her 2 year appointment....i have never really mentioned it....but we have not done any vacancies yet....but i was never convinced that we would never do them...i just knew i wanted to wait until she was i have the next 6 months to figure out what we should do....time to dust off dr.sears vaccine book :)
here's pipe with her daddy playing their "tars"....LOVE THIS...

little miss beanie is a little over a pound now and is the size of an ear of corn (that is really funny to me;) her heartbeat sounded good at our last appointment and she was laying sideways :) she is finally starting to make her presents known a bit more....i just remember piper moving a lot more then this?? hummm a sign of their different personality's?...who knows!


Katie said...

A) Ella has the same dress that Piper is wearing and she wore it today, too!

B) We call Ella "Ms. Bean" because she is our Little Ellie Bean!

C) You see Dr. Grimm? At the Pediatric Group? I love her! We see Dr. Moore, but we've seen Dr. Grimm a couple of times when Dr. Moore was unavailable and I absolutely loved her! (Dr. Malpani, on the other hand, is another story...)

fearlesschef said...

Well, it's a bit of a comfort to know that someone else's child screams through the visit as well. They haven't even touched Liam and he gets all upset. We can't put him on the scale without a fight! I hope that someday, this won't be such a dramatic event... but maybe I'm too hopeful?