Friday, August 8, 2008

Its a privilege to pee....

I cant make this stuff up people.... "Its a privilege to pee" Is a song that was in the award winning Broadway play that Jake and I saw last night at Lyric Theater. Can I just say that I feel so so so incredibly blessed to have people in our lives like Marty and Donna Hepp. Marty plays in the Group 56 band on Sunday mornings with Jake. He texted Jake yesterday afternoon asking if we were free for dinner and a play at Lyric (they have season tickets and their daughters bailed on our advantage :) he texted back.....YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!!! Most of you know I'm a total theater nerd....i didn't even know what we were seeing and frankly I did not care!!! Through out dinner and on the drive there Marty was apologizing to us about how the tickets are total nose bleed....I kept reassuring him...that anytime we have the privilege to go to Lyric its ALWAYS nosebleed so not even to worry about it.....well.... WE WERE 4TH ROW CENTER!!!!! I could not believe it!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! We saw (again i cant even make this stuff up) Urinetown. It was really funny!!! Just look up some clips on youtube. Anyway....Marty and Donna if you read this....THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH AGAIN for such a fun night!!!