Thursday, August 14, 2008

debt is weird!!!...

Jake and I officially became debt free in June!!!! We started Financial Peace University in August 2007...(BEST $85 WE HAVE EVER SPENT!!!)....Dave Ramsey truly gave us the tools and plan so that WE could change our lives!!! We didn't have near as much debt as most people start with....but in 10 months we completed our Step One: $1000 in the bank and our Step two: Pay off all debt(except the house...which happends in Step six!!!)...which was...

one credit card (you know for "emergencies" ;): $2,000
Toyoda Prius (you know because i "deserved" it ;) :$20,000
GMC Yukon (a now payed for car that I feel so blessed to drive!) :$10,000

Our first step (September 2007) SOLD EVERYTHING IN SITE...(annabelle was hiding, thinking she was next!)...Craigs list was our best friend and after a fall garage sale we had Step One ($1000 in the bank) done before we knew it. Our credit card didn't take much time either....then it got to the 2 big ones... $30,000 total! I know we could have worked longer and paid the 2 cars off in about 2 years....but GROSS!!! We were SOOO MAD at made us sick to our tummys!! We had total (what dave calls) gazelle intensity...and I said "bye bye prius!!". Even thought we only had the prius for about 9 months we "got back" about $6,000 back from the $7000 that we had "put down" on the Prius and with that we bought (WITH CASH) a RAD truck for forward about 8 months the yukon was paid for!!!

So to clarify...WE DON'T BORROW MONEY... not for cars, not from our parents (anymore:), not for furniture, not for "10% off my first purchase", not for tickets to the latest concert, not for groceries (hey...people do it!!),not for camera equipment or music intruments, not for gas...we don't borrow money. If we dont have the cash we dont buy it...

Yes, people think we are totally weird...but you know...God called us to be stand out.... And I feel so completely blessed!!!

"Don't run up debts, except for the huge debt of love you owe each other"
-Romans 13:8 (the message)

Our "plastectomy", October 2007 :)


lauren and brad said...

Congrats! That is awesome.

And yes. You are totally going against the norm! Good for you!

~Christy said...

Thanks!!! ohhh and thanks for is making me sad that no one is making comments on any of my post :( SO THANKS for making my day!!!

Stephanie said...

It is so great that you guys have been able to accomplish all that! We are still working on it but you have been an inspiration to me(still working on getting Jeff inspired). Thank you for all your help.