Thursday, January 1, 2009

Its about time...huh?!!

it seems there has been a few times that i have gone an extraordinary amount of time in between blog post.... obviously we all have times in our lives that are crazier then others and this past 10 days has been one of being Christmas time I'm sure if was for many of you guys too!!!
In a 5 day period we went to Stillwater to have Christmas with my Mommy and brother, went to the amazing Christmas eve service at Crossings, Spend Christmas morning with the seatons, including driving to Purcell to have lunch with my father-in-laws family, drove to Tulsa, had Christmas with my Grandparents(moms side), spent the night in Tulsa, then Drove to Miami to have Christmas with my dad and other Grandparents, then drove to Joplin to hang out with Jakes cousin and his wife, Kyler and Kandy (THANKS Kandy for by cute "belly" book!!). Drove to Sarcoxie, spent the night with Jakes aunt and uncle, drove to Carthage to have Christmas with Jakes whole family, then drove back "home" to house/dog sit for Rhonda and Steve.
We finally made it to our house Monday morning at 7:30am to get dressed and go to work. The moment we got home from work on Monday we headed out to the Rehearsal dinner for Jacki and Paul, got home just in time for me to fall more work day....then yesterday (new years eve) was Jacki and Pauls wedding, Jake married them and i did the last professional photo job :(.
Jacki is one of my best childhood-friends mom. She and Paul had a lovely wedding in their home, it was just beautiful and tear-filled, and they sure know how to throw a party!! While I stayed to do photos, jake left to head downtown to run sound for the "wise guys", the band who played for the "opening night" party downtown OKC. I didnt see him until about one this morning, but i woke up to have a little snack with him and give him my new years kiss/birthday kiss :)
We are so grateful to have the next few days of doing NOTHING!! as you can tell, this girl who is "with child" needs some rest!!