Friday, February 13, 2009

whooooa, we're half way there, whooooooa, we're livin on a prayer...

thats right friends 20 WEEKS!!! We are half way through this 40 week journey! It is so weird to think that i am half way there to meeting my son or daughter!! I have continued to feel this little person move...ohhh two or three times a day, which is only the best feeling in the world!
this morning was my 20 week appointment with Ann. This is the first visit i have gained weight...up 4 pounds baby!! It was fairly uneventful (Thank Goodness!!), we chatted a while, she found my uterus/baby, and we listened to the heartbeat, he/she was moving around A LOT, we were hearing a lot of whooshing sounds mixed with heartbeat, baby was taking a little swim this morning ;)
I thought i would leave you with a photo of a banana....thats how long the baby is now!!


Ashley said...

Im so excited for you. Feeling your baby move is a feeling that you will never forget. You need to post some pictures of that growing belly!!

lizcannon said...

ohhhh that is soooo cool! are you guys making the sex of the baby a suprise! my friend did that and she said it was so great!
ps: on the cloth tp: cameron won't use it; so if you got up the guts (which really wasnt that hard) just you could do it and practice for the cloth diapers!
pps: too bad you dont live in denver, this cute fabric store fancy tiger is having a class on how to make diaperes!

Anonymous said...

I agree! We need monthly against-the-wall, baby bump photos! Please?????????????????????
(I said "Please.")- Ma
PS- Pretty please.