Saturday, February 28, 2009

WARNING: whining below...

i just need to vent a little....i have been feeling awful this whole week! It first started with some allergy attacks....sneezing, watery eyes, congested nose, and that "my head is going to explode" feeling....It has progressively gotten worse all week....but the kicker is...I have not slept in about 6 nights :( I cant sleep because i cant breath! I fall asleep about 10pm...then by 1pm i get up to go to the bathroom and i cant get back to sleep, so i end up in the living room watching tv or surfing the Internet until about 5am or 6am and then i usually fall asleep for one or two more hours...this has been my sleeping pattern for about a week now. Please pray for Jake, because of this yukky sleep pattern...i have been a total grouch!! I guess God is just preparing us for the sleepless nights ahead. Ohh but thats not all...also early this week, my left rib starting feeling really first i just contributed it to the fact that things are growing and moving inside me and room was just being made or something, but like my allergies, the pain started getting worse and worse and by Thursday i could hardly stand without being in a lot of pain. I had Dr. Tamatha give me an adjustment, but she said that it was a strained rib and that i just needed to give it a couple of days to heal. I have no idea what happened, the only think i can think of is that maybe i over did a yoga pose on Monday night, so I didnt go to my Friday class, but i probably could have, because it has not hurt all weekend!!! So thats good....anyway...thanks for letting me vent... Maybe now i wont be so grouchy ;)


lizcannon said...

awww bummer... i will def pray for you!