Tuesday, July 7, 2009

come on baby!....

well....last night after getting home from our appointment, we double checked to make sure our "hospital bag" was officially packed, changed into comfy clothes and headed to dinner. I didn't want anything to heavy, so i had some yummy soup at Macaroni Grill. While at dinner we decided to go to a movie (to kill time...during this "wait")....yes...a REAL movie, not a dollar movie! Can you believe it! anyway, it was 2 hours until the movie started so we walked and walked and walked at Quail Springs mall...Contractions started as soon as we started walking. I practically had back to back contractions during our walk for a good 2 hours. They were very close together(around 2ish minutes)...but not very intense at all. As soon as we sat down, and got comfy in the movie theater...they pretty much completely stopped. We went to see "year one"...on a side note, i thought it was a waste of money. Anyway, we walked for a while after too and i had about 3 contractions in 1 hour. So we headed home and was in bed by midnight. My mom and my dad both decided to head to OKC late last night, with them being up to 4 hours away I'm glad they did! I was awake by 4am, so i only got about 4 hours of sleep...but I'm actually not surprised at that...i hope to get a nap in today ;)


Carly said...

Oh, a few days before my estimated babydate!

I'm thinking about you (even though I don't know you!) and sending you calming labor vibes!

lizcannon said...

you can do it!