Tuesday, October 25, 2011

crossed the other side...

so i got an iphone...i feel like i was close to the last person ever to get one!...with how easy it is to take photos and immediately tweet things i will probably start doing more 'life updating' on twitter...which also shows up as my facebook status. I do still plan to blog every once in a while....but mostly going to tweet....crazy technology!! come follow me!! @christyseaton


Ryan and Katie said...

you aren't the last one...I'm the last one. :) I won't do it! But I'm sure I'll eat my words soon enough!

J said...

There's an app called BlogPress that actually lets you blog from your iPhone - I use that pretty often too!

jack69 said...

Okay I got caught on this one, Just surfing blogs and this one got me.

Nice to read a good blog. Thanks for the read and an interesting entry.

Take care hope you are ready for Christmas.

The old folk, Sherry & Jack in Central Florida.

jack69 said...

Oh I wanted to say, keep it up. Love can last forever. We have been together 55+ yrs.

hang in there, and never be afraid to say, "I'm sorry" heck, even if you are nto wrong.
I read somewhere, the first person to apologize is closer to the Lord.

You love birds take care.

Heather said...

Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)