Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a pumpkin patchin' we will go!

last year piper and i went to this amazing pumpkin patch in Arcadia, Ok with my play was my first pumpkin patch experience since i was little and it was super fun! So this year i was determined to find a good patch around here for us all to go and pick our pumpkins for the fall season:) Well i found an AMAZING one! The Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch did not disappoint! I knew i wanted to plan to go the first week of October to get us in the fall mood so i checked out a couple of books on pumpkins and the fall season at the library and we had been reading them to pipe in the days leading up :) We packed up our picnic dinner and started on the 40-ish minute drive to get there....the patch was full of wooden cut out characters all over the property of every 2-10 year olds tv idol you can imagine (pipers included, the whole toy story cast, barney, & elmo), tons of bounce house inflatables, playground equipment, mazes, picnic benches for our dinner, hay ride...and TONS of pumpkins (with wagons to ride while "shopping":)...on our way home we stopped at starbux for pumpkin spice latte....i told jake that it was officially a tradition! ...the best part....after thanksgiving they turn into a Christmas Tree yard...with equally fun activities!! we get to go back in 2 months!!!!

our little pumpkin family! Yes the mommy pumpkin is represented by the ugly-warty gourd...but at least its skinny;)


Heather Cherry said...

I love my lil' punkins.

Ryan and Katie said...

great pics!! We'll be missing you tomorrow when we go a pumpkin patchin'!