Friday, March 15, 2013

Chancy Boy...

I have had many puppies and kitties come in and out of my life...but only one sweet dog was apart of our family from beginning of life to the end of life...his precious precious life.  We got Chance when I was in 7th grade and my brother Matt was in 2nd grade. My brother really wanted a puppy so it was technically his dog and he had to go through all the "he's your responsibility" moments from my my brother loved him dearly!  He was in our lives for 16 years and we knew the day was coming but i NEVER expected to come home for Christmas, walk in the door, to my mom in tears saying that today was the day that we needed to put Chance down.  He had a really rough night the night before and was in so much pain... It was one of the hardest things my mom and I have ever done and I was so much more emotionally then I thought I would be:(  On the joyful day of going to pick out a cute little never think of how hard it will be at the end of their life.  We are all at peace that it was time and that he is not cold and in pain anymore!  We love you Chancey Boy, rest in peace.