Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Frugal Tuesday....Woot Woot!!!

When Jake and i first started our journey to become debt free, almost a year ago!...we had to find something (something cheap) to reward ourselves on a weekly basis. Once we were married we hardly EVER went to the was just SO expecive! It would be close to $20 just to go see one movie (as most of you know). We always felt totally out of the loop when people would be talking about the latest movies. So i started searching around....and what did i find!?.... Right down the street from our house.... with almost an angelic glow surrounding the building... Northpark Mall....yes that's right.... The totally getto dollar movie theater in Northpark Mall...there it was, there was our answer!!! BUT doesnt end there....i then learned that on Tuesdays....movies are just $0.50 each!!! That was it.....from then on our Tuesdays turned into what jake likes to call "frugal tuesday"....since then....without could find us at Northpark Mall every tuesday night! Yes you did your caculations right...we go to the movies every week for only $4 total every month!!! We might be a month or two behind on movies....but by "rewarding" ourselves....we were able to acheaved the ultimate reward of being DEBT FREE!!! We havent decited yet....but tonight it will either be "horton hears a hoo!" or "made of honor".....who knows....which ever one we dont see tonight we might splurge and go see saturday for $1.75! HAHA


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