Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lazy days of summer...

This weekend was like the true definition of a lazy summer day.... Friday we were able to sleep in, hang out in PJ's all morning, while doing a little laundry....i was even able to make the bed :). After lunch we thought we would go to a matinee (at the Starplex at northpark of course!!). We saw "the happening".....which I wouldn't exactly recommend...but it was a nice time since it was a Friday afternoon at 1pm and there was like no one at the of course that just feed our delusions that we have the whole town to ourselves on "our Fridays"....the rest of our day was full of a whole lot of nothing....which we LOVED!!
Saturday morning we woke up early for the OKC farmers market!! We bought so many yummy, fresh, locally grown food! We got... peaches....cantalope....watermelon...greenbeans... tomato's...corn..... we found ourselves later Saturday and Sunday afternoon, sitting on our back porch eating something summery and juicy!! I went to Courtney Weaver's (Jake's boss's daughter, and long time family friend) bridal luncheon....It was beautiful and so very girly!!! For lunch at the shower, we had Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad, Pasta Salad, and Spinach Salad....(see what i mean by there any other kind of Salad!?) But it was all YUMMY!! Jake and I bought her and her future hubby Jeremy a big Mackenzie-Childs platter...i just love them! After the shower Jake and I fit a nap into our "very busy" lazy summer day :) Saturday evening we found ourselves at one of our favorite places....Barnes and Noble!! We LOVE to walk around the store...pile up 4 or 5 books...find a comfy place to sit and then not move for about 2 hours.... our food money envelope was pretty full so this time we decided to splurge on coffee! I found myself this with a pile of books on Natural Childbirth and Organic Living (which besides the bible, is all I find myself reading these days) and Jake, of course had found more books on guitars and other music stuff then we had time for!!
This morning at church...Jake had his normal work duties and i had lately i have been with the older toddlers....but this morning they had 21 babies in the 6-9 month old room, so they needed the extra help.... which was a treat! At lunch heather had a dress on that she loved and wanted me to take photos of we did about a 3 minute photo shoot outside of Cafe Bravo while we waited for our food....down below were my 2 favorites!!!! This evening we went to a potluck type dinner with all Heather and Rhonda's friends from their Peru mission trip.... Weekend is now over....after a good nights sleep its back to work we go!! ;)


lauren and brad said...

for a great natural childbirth book, try the birth book by Dr. Sears.

All of his books are great!

Active Birth is another great one! :)