Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend in review...

Hi everyone....I am so glad to hear and see that we have peeps coming to look at our blog!!....Keep coming!!! We had a very full i will try to sum it up....
Jake and I are very blessed to both have Fridays off....I always feel like its our own little day....everyone else is at work and we have the town to ourselves!!! So that means our "weekends" start on Thursday night. This Thursday right after work, we got home and jumped into our "weekend uniform" (mine is usually sweets and a tee and Jake is always jeans and a grey gap shirt) and headed to Olive Garden...we do not eat out often....but my boss was so nice and gave us a gift card for watching her little one Carsten last weekend. Olive Garden has the best soup! I could eat the zuppa tuscona everyday!! and of course their salad and bread all just got my weekend off to a great start!!!
Friday i woke up to the sound of the lawn mower outside our bedroom window....i was so surprised to find Jake out didn't need it "that bad", but he said its much easier to mow when its not like a i was very proud of him to have that kind of motivation!! We ran around town running errands and playing (remember we think we have the town to ourselves on Fridays ;) Jake traded some video games in for a new one and I got my hair done (a little bit darker this time). Friday evening was a "family zone" party at the McCords house (beautiful home in nichols hills). We had yummy salmon and steak!
Saturday morning (while Jake played his new video game;) I meet Brad, Bridget and Kayden at Will Rodgers Park for Kaydens "one year old" photo shoot....I have been taking kaydens photos since he was in Bridget's belly!! You can not get more beautiful eyes....and i think he wants to be a photographer too....what do you think??? ;)

Saturday evening we went to another church party....this time it was for "boot camp" volunteers and it was at Cheri's (Jake's boss) house. We had fried chicken from Eishen's and Jake made home made ice cream that was pretty tasty! Ohh yeah and i totally got made fun of for tearing up napkins to conserve paper!
Today....Jake got to lead worship for the 10:45 service at church....they ask him to do this every once in a while and he just LOVES it!! My sis-in-law also sang with him....