Tuesday, March 3, 2009

welcome Elliotte Jane Foster...

for two of my most favorite years, i had the blessing to be apart of this lovely family...I was hired to watch Anaka(now 4 years old) when she was about 6 months old, 4 days a week, when i was in college...i never knew how special this family would become to me!! I was able to see Anaka grow and learn everyday and then was able to know Liesel(baby girl foster #2) since she was just a little zygote! Well baby girl foster #3 was born last on friday...little Elliotte Jane Foster...who looks just like Anaka!! I took the family photo off of Zach's (daddy foster) facebook page...but as you can tell from our photos from our visit to the hospital, elliotte was sticking her tongue out at me the whole time....SO CUTE :)

*yes that is Ali Meyer from channel 4 news....her real last name is foster :)


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Ali Foster said...

Hey Christy! I haven't had a chance to log on to your blog in f o r e v e r ....been a little busy :) But, check it out, it's my FAMILY...on your blog!!! Love it. And....guess who's starting to look less and less like Anaka....and more and more like Liesel?!?! Funny how infants change every day. Thanks for the beautiful compliments. Much love, ali