Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Birthday Part six...ok this is the last one...

First...."after" picutes of my new front yard!!! Didnt jake do so great!!

The Seatons got me a porch swing for my birthday!! so cute right!!! Jake is going to paint it black to match the shutters :)

Birthday at red rock with seatons and bill!! YUMMMMMMM

well....birthday fun is over :(


lauren and brad said...

Oh My! Way to go Jake! That is such a sweet and thoughtful gift. It looks so good, and your house is just adorable! Plus, I LOVE the porch swing!

Happy Birthday one last time! :)

Jake's Mom, soon to be Nan-Nan said...

Now we just need a photo of you and Annabelle sitting in the swing!!!!

Emma Krueger said...

You are too cute! Happy Belated Birthday! I love the new front yard and porch swing. Your home is so cute and quaint! You look so cute in your photos! Love the belly! I hope you are doing well!

Stephanie said...

Awesome job! It looks great. I'm so jealous of the swing! lol. That will be so nice for the little one too. I remember always going over to my grandparents house and swinging on theirs with them. It's a very fond memory.