Monday, February 22, 2010

100% Peru...

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law went on a medical misson trip a couple of years ago to completely changed their i have heard misson trips do (i need to go on one someday!!)...My sister-in-law became really close friends with a girl that was apart of the program they worked with named Rachele, so close in fact that she has come to America to stay with Heather twice since the misson trip...and of course Rachele and i have become friends as well...last time she was here i was pregnant :) well she was here again for 2 weeks at the first of February...and this time she brought her boyfriend Arturo! Rachele and Arturo teach at the same school in Peru...and Arturo is a Rugby coach!! We had so much fun during those two weeks...going to church together...having a super bowl party with them...and eating lots of awesome food. They spent alot of time shopping for stuff they cant get in Peru...they LOVE Ross dress for less ;) and they love stuff like lucky charms and little debbies...ahaha i love it!! Arturo and Rachele are getting married soon and we hope to maybe go to Peru to their wedding!!!

Thank you Rachele and Arturo for Pipers super cute Peru onesie!!!!


fearlesschef said...

Squee! That is the cutest onsie EVER!!! Oh, and the baby isn't too shabby either :D She's so adorable!