Thursday, February 25, 2010

just at the right time...

man God knows exactly the right moments to show encouragement...Piper and i were having a bit of a rough morning...she was pretty fussy and all she wanted to do was sit on the couch and nurse...and a1thought when she gets in these moods i get nothing done...i really don't mind...but today she was on and off, pulling, getting on and it was really getting to me...this sweet time that we were should have been sharing was making me frustrated and hurt! she eventually fell asleep so during her nap i searched out for some encouragement and came across this video! Practically in tears i realized that this selfless gift of not only amazing nutrition but comfort i am giving to my little girl is worth EVERY SECOND!! the dishes will get done nipples will heal...but what i am showing her when i nurse her where ever or whenever she needs it is the love and security she will always have in me and that is priceless!

this video also really makes me wish piper and i had more photos of us nursing..i think we only have 2 or 3 from our early days together...i need to talk to jake about that :)


Emma Krueger said...

What a sweet post. I was contemplating weaning Kennedy. Not because I am wanting to but because my sister is getting married in Mexico at the end of April and I will be going without her. I didnt know how possible it would be to haul my pump to Mexico and store the milk and haul it back. But as I was reding about the process and how much nourishment it gives to them, especially through their first year of life. I decided it doesnt matter how much it inconveniences me to take the pump to Mexico, its worth it to continue breastfeeding Kennedy. Thanks for sharing your story. Kennedy is teething and has a horrible ear infection right now so breastfeeding has been a struggle lately. But its so good for them and I know the time we spend feeding our children is a blessing to us as well.