Sunday, July 24, 2011

and we're back in the game!!!!

cloth diapers...ohhhh how I've missed thee! since within 10 weeks we were adding a 4 person to our family and moving to another state we decided that once Violet was born we would take a "cloth diaper vacation" until we got settled in Texas...then we would get Violet in cloth and Piper potty trained! well Friday we pulled out our diaper tub and put Violet in her first cloth:) they look so cute on her ;) I am so glad to be starting them! I was getting SUPER tired of buying diapers!!!!

next....the potty training adventure begins!!!! ANY ADVICE??!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie. Best advice I was given was to treat it like you did when she was learning to walk. You only encouraged and kept picking her up to do it again. She never got in trouble for falling. A neat thought but it will still be hard at times. Make it apart of your routine so it doesnt feel so inconvinent. And know your not the only one that has ever done it, ask anyone and everone for advice and tricks you will hear some great stories and some wild things that work. PS I miss you! Amanda Breninger