Saturday, July 30, 2011

our little Viley is 3 months old!!

wow! 3 months! officially a baby, not a newborn anymore :( In the last 3 months you have met tons of family and friends...been to lots of library programs and playdates (in Oklahoma & Texas!), been diagnosed with reflux (and now doing SO much better, mommy hardly ever has to give you your medicine anymore!)... received TONS of kisses from a certain big sister of yours...had your first little cold...spend longer then a baby should have to at an audiologist just to be told your can hear perfect! are now starting to fit in 3 month clothes! which i guess means your starting to pack on the pounds! finally started wearing cloth moved to TEXAS(yeah thats a big one) have been swimming A LOT, that happens when you have a very busy sister and a super nice pool at your new house :) started giggling this week which is so beautiful to rolled over from your back to your belly yesterday! still LOVE to be swaddled, and pretty much have to be swaddled to sleep in your only nurse when your hungry and want the paci when your tired... you start off great sleeping in your bed the first part of the night (which gives mommy a nice break) but pretty much ends up in our bed by your first have been on a small trip to our state Capital Austin...and already have had many hotel stays in your short are much less *clear throat* high needs then your sissy...most of the time you are a pretty happy and content baby... your awake times are getting longer and LOVE watching your sissy play...

These last 3 months have FLOWN by! With how crazy our lives have been lately i already feel as though i will look back on this time with Violet and feel like i didnt "take it in" like i should....i'm trying so hard to be aware of that! I love her so much....she is so beautiful and i could kiss her little cheeks all day!


Laura said...

Yay for sweet second babies! I'm so grateful that Sylvia is much lower maintenance than Liam. Mama needs a break too, you know! :)

And I bought that same dipe for little miss... love being able to do the girly things now!