Saturday, July 23, 2011

Terrific two!!!!!

I grew up with dyslexia so to say the least reading wasn't too I have gotten older I am learning to love a good book every now and then and especially am loving reading to Jake and I are determined to raise a book worm! And since we were moving to Texas 5 days after her birthday to a small apartment....we thought this would be the perfect birthday to stock her(and Violets) library!!...
my little sweet pea is pretty much obsessed with cookies! so there was no question to the sweet of choice for her party!!

Paparazzi! :)

"ooooo. wow-we"

She kept saying..."hello?...bye bye. hello?....bye bye."

Piper reading to my cousins 2 little guys Titus & Javen

Violet finally woke up at the very end of the party! just in time for my cousin Rebekah to meet her.

Nothing like a good read!

Pretty good loot if I do say so myself!


Laura said...

That's a wonderful idea! I may have to borrow that for Sylvia's birthday when the time comes since we have so many toys around the house. Oh! and she slept through most of Liam's party until just the very end as well! Must be a little sister thing :)