Thursday, September 6, 2012

oh Vi....

About a month ago i signed up to go to the MOPS (mothers of pre-schoolers) chapter here in Frisco!  I have been super excited to get involved in something that i could meet other like-minded mommies and to grow with them in the word!! and this seemed to be the perfect thing!  Plus...although we cant afford it, Piper has been begging to go to pre-school, she is at the age that most of her friends go to some sort of school program, so this is 2.5 hours every other week that VERY much resembles a pre-school for her...MOPS even have their own MOPPETS curriculum that teaches kids about Gods love:)  Now there was just one problem...Violets seperation issues... no one has been able to handle her for more then 30 minutes away from me so how was this 2.5 hours going to work!!!  But i signed up anyway hoping that maybe this could be THE place that will work with her and she will finally start to feel comfertable away from me!  Well the big day was yesterday! we took the girls to chick-fil-a for breakfast (in hopes to at least start the day off with some fun;)

Then it was time to head to the church...we get there and Piper can hardly contain herself with excitement to go to 'school' all the while Violet is starting to catch on while we are printing their name tags and starts to cling to me pretty tight.  I have been praying about this issue for months and although i had (have) hopes that she will be happy going to 'class' someday, i was pretty realistic that she wouldn't last long this first time and had mentally prepared myself to only being able to be there for about an i wanted to wait till the VERY last minute before the meeting started to drop her off. So we take Pipe to her class and she runs in and starts playing without even saying goodbye to me...then i head to Vi's class, i stand at the door and meet her teachers (they seem AMAZING!!) i explain her 'issues' to them and point out all our 'comfort items' in her bag and they assure me that they will do EVERYTHING they can to keep her as long as possible and make her feel comfortable...i felt really good about the teachers and their assuring words (unlike Frisco Athletic Club!! but that's another story!)...i then left her in their arms...crying of course. I head to my table in the sanctuary, sit down, take a deep breath, pull out my bible and pen, say a few hellos to my table mates...then...i hear a lady...from the stage...calling for 'Violet Seatons Mother'....*sigh* really? REALLY? its been 6 MINUTES!!!  I waived my hand and she proceeds to come tell me that she got so upset that she threw up and so they are not allowed to keep her anymore:(  I leave, head bowed, and tears in my eyes...mostly worried about disappointing Piper...i called jake and pleaded for him to come pick Violet up and take her for a couple of hours so that Piper and i could stay...without hesitation he was on his way to the church! (side note:my husband is the best!)....I then head to her classroom to get her, the poor teacher was COVERED in her throw up and there was a janitor in the room cleaning up the floor...awesome...i already have 'that kid' and it was just the first meeting!  they begged me to make sure to bring her back the next meeting to try again, and of course i will!  So jake came and got her and i heading back into the meeting...the moms were amazing and i cant wait to get to know them even better!  we will see how the next meeting goes...and jake always plans to be on standby so that i will not have to miss!  and we will just continue to get down on our knees and trust God that there is a reason for this trying season with my sweet little Violet:)


Jennifer said...

Hey Christy!
First of ally, you've totally inspired to me to start blogging again too. Love that you just picked right up. Sorry to hear about sweet little Vi. You're one of the sweetest mommies out there. I'll be praying for peace for everyone next week. :)