Wednesday, September 5, 2012

remember when i was a workin' girl??

my senior year of college jake and i invested in a 'starter' camera...i really wanted to learn enough to be able to take good photos when we started having babies:)  that year for my birthday my mom payed for me to take a photography class at a local school and i FELL IN LOVE!!  i started BEGGING people to let me take photos of their kids and families just so i could get more and more practice...then all of a sudden people wanted to PAY ME to take their photos...what?!?  it was all kinda taking off ahead of me...i wasn't ready for that...i was just having fun...BUT we were also trying to get out of debt at the time so i though what an amazing opportunity that has seemed to just fall in my lap to help us get out of debt faster!!!  so i went to photo seminars, i went to a small business class in our city, bought some nicer equipment and traveled 4 hours a way to have a photography business bootcamp with a photographer i really admired.  Jake and i then set up a super cute website and i was set!!!  I started getting quite a few shoots a month and even some weddings! I was still working full time on top of taking photos, but i kinda thought this might be the perfect part time career once we have babies!  Well about a year into my business, jake and i come home from a doing a wedding in Texas(where i felt 'off' the whole weekend) and i found out i was pregnant!!  Totally exciting!....but i immediately start getting sick!  So sick that i would come home every evening from work lay down on the couch and not move until bed! Good thing that wedding was for a very good friend because it took me about 2 months to get her wedding edited and out to her!  I had to start turning down jobs because i was so sick...and i finally decided to 'take a break' from jobs and focus on growing this baby so i did my last wedding 7 months before piper was born, with full intentions to get back into it:)   weeeeellll i didnt:(  i got busy with babies....babies that i love so very much!  anyway all that to say...a few months ago Jared(our lead pastor) asked me to do some family photos for a church mailer and for Frisco Fields Church website!!!! i was so nervous!!! but i think they turned out ok!!

THEN....a few weeks ago a couple in our church who needed new headshots for their business asked ME to do them!!!  i assured them that i was totally out of practice and they could completely throw them out if they didn't like them!  well i guess they did because they are up on their website!